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Who We Are

Welcome to our website, we are a gaming company that has been in operation since 2000. Our online casinos have been a huge hit with our consumers and we have such a large loyal customer base that we can’t help but feel proud of how far we’ve come.

Our journey began when we decided to create an online casino where people could come and play poker to their heart’s content. We are software developers, for the most part, but something about an online casino was too intriguing not to try out. We decided to dabble in this and came up with a unique concept for our casino.

Not only this, we have managed to tie-up with brick and mortar establishments as well, and, we have had great success with this venture. While a lot of people are hard pressed to believe that the crossover is possible, it is and we are proof of concept.

As a company, we focus primarily on design. We sold our casino to a larger establishment two years ago so that we could focus on design and creating new games while the rest of the operations are in the hands of trusted individuals who will focus on the profit aspect. We are a subsidiary now of a larger corporation and that has been good for us in many ways.

We have access to so many more resources and databases that we are able to create experiences for our users that are one of a kind and also special to them. We have a slew of launches lined up for 2018 and are working against time to make sure that we are able to bring it to you on time. So enjoy our site and the games we’ve created. We hope to bring you something bigger and better in the next couple of months.

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